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Hacker Battlefield Bad Company 2


Now supports Windows XP, Vista & 7 32/64 bit

** Full Feature Listing **

Compatible Direct X Version
  • DxVersion = 9
  • DxVersion = 10
  • DxVersion = 11

  • Name ESP - Displays the names of each player
  • Distance ESP - Displays the distance between you and the player
  • Box ESP - Draws a box around the player and other objects like vehicles
  • Health ESP - Displays the health of each player
  • Class ESP - Displays the kit that the target is using
  • Weapon ESP - Displays the weapon/gadget that the target is using at that time
  • Visibility Checks ESP - Changes color if the player is visible
  • Explosive ESP - Displays a box or circle around an explosive type device - BETA STAGE
  • Equipment ESP - Displays a box or circle around the ammo & health boxes - BETA STAGE
  • Pickups ESP - Displays a box or circle around weapon kits lay around accross the map - coming soon
  • Show Friendly - Displays ESP on friendlies
  • Max Distance - Selectable choice of how far you want ESP shown

  • Enable - Enable the aimbot on and off
  • Selectable bone aimbot - Head, Chest or Stomach
  • Target Choosing Method - Closest To Crosshair, Closest Player, Lowest Health
  • Selectable Aim Key - Choose the key you want to activate the aimbot
  • Bone Scan - If your bone choice is not visible, aimbot will scan for another visible bone
  • Visibility Checks - Aimbot locks on a visible player only
  • Auto Knife - Knife will automatically be used if an enemy is within a certain range - Coming Soon
  • Auto Shoot - When pressing your aimbot key, weapon will automatically fire
  • No Spread - Eliminates bullet spread
  • No Recoil - Eliminates recoil from your weapon
  • Aim at Vehicles - Aimbot will lock onto vehicles
  • Friendly Aim - Aimbot will lock onto your teammates
  • Prediction speed - Predicts enemy player speed and compensates the aimbot
  • Prediction Ping - Predicts player ping and compensates the aimbot
  • Prediction Bulletdrop - Predicts weapon bulletdrop and compensates the aimbot
  • Aimbot Distance Range - Choose the distance range you want the aimbot to lock on players
  • Field of View (FOV) - Adjustable setting that limits the view the aimbot will work in
  • Smooth Aim - Customized speed the aimbot will move from player to player - Coming Soon
  • Prediction Scale - Adjustable setting of the predictions

2D Radar
  • Enable - Enable Radar
  • Show Cross - Displays the cross in the radar
  • Show Dot - Displays the dot in the middle of the radar
  • Show Window - Displays the window as the outer parameter of the radar
  • Show Friendly players - Displays teammates on the radar
  • Customizable Scale
  • Customizable Alpha
  • Maximum Distance
  • Fully mouse movable

  • D3D Crosshair
  • No Sky - Coming Soon
  • No Fog - Coming Soon

  • Show FPS - Shows your frame rate - Coming Soon
  • Show Time - Shows the time
  • Stats - Shows your stats - Coming Soon
  • Load/Save - Able to save and load your config file with your favorite settings

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